Why a private website?

Being born British and having spent quite a number of years teaching in London and Los Angeles, I still have friends and family in the English speaking world. So this has been and still is a way of staying in contact.
Secondly, I trained webdesigners for more than 15 years. There is that saying that those who can do, those who can't teach, hence I have been developing websites privately and professionally: gesti-design.

A fellow lecturer of webdesign once published on her website:


For eight years, the previous version of my site had only undergone changes in terms of content as those who mainly focus on the training of web designers and the support of their customers usually have no time to care about their own sites. The old layout still had all the classic features that today are regarded as avoidable problems, in particular no strict separation of content and layout, table layouts and framesets.

With this re-design or rather relaunch, the site should work on smartphones,tablets and personal computers.
Nevertheless: to err is human, so I am grateful for any mail pointing mistakes out to me.

And if you like to, you can create a shortcut and add it to your start screen (Android-Lingo).

The previous version of my site is still for nostalgic reasons. old.stimpson.
A visit to my web agency gesti-design is also worthwhile.


Gene O. Stimpson,
January 2019

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