This is the public diary of

Cando von der Jonasburg





I am Cando von der Jonasburg

O.K., so this page is no longer strictly between you and me, I decided to go public and join the International Hovawart Ring. I'm not willing to lead a dog's life, isolated in Germany's Eifel district whilst my folks are communicating with their friends in England and California, Wisconsin and God knows where. If Gene thinks putting up a website is no big deal -at least that is what he's telling his students, so they say- then I'll give him some stick if he doesn't do the typing for me. (See, I've already told him if he didn't, I would, that got him going!)

If you'd like to see other Hovawart websites, go ahead, have a look...

Since Cando died in 2004, we got a new dog in December 2005. Here is his Anton's new website.