This is the public diary of

Cando von der Jonasburg

First things first

But I guess I should begin at the beginning which to me is October 24th 1998. To Gene and Monika the beginning was probably October 10th, when they were walking along a path in the woods in the rain and Monika suddenly said that a dog would most likely be the only way to get her old hubby out of the house more regularly. That's the way they do things.

Some years ago they were walking along Santa Monica Beach and Gene mentioned that he had seen a wonderful young Ball Python at the local pet dealer. A week later they owned Sam Wurm, a Python. Can you imagine, a snake?!Sam Wurm

Hey, I'm definetly no python. They'll see.
I am a Hovawart puppy and it takes less than a mouse to get me excited.

But back to the story. I'm sorry I keep drifting away, I'm still so easily distracted. You should see me going in circles when I meet my tail whilst playing.- Now I did it again. Deviated.
As I mentioned earlier, my birthday was October 24th. By that time Monika and Gene had contacted the German Hovawart breeders Association called Rassezuchtverein für Hovawart-Hunde e.V.

A very nice lady sent them a list with all breeders currently expecting puppies and they sat down and calculated the date when the puppies should be born so that they could take their baby home for Christmas. Not that they wanted me as a gift or anything, they were just hellishly nervous to get me in their house while they still had to work during the day. (And quite rightly so! I would have shown them what I had thought of an empty house!) And with Gene being a teacher and all, he had to do some serious family planning to squeeze me into his winter break.
Two breeders fulfilled the requirements, one near Magdeburg and one near Kassel. They first went to Kassel, and guess what. Well, look at my picture and guess again: They never even got to Magdeburg!

My first day with eyes open

Here I am when I first met my new family at the age of three weeks
We were eight puppies, five boys and three girls. I thought we all looked more or less identical, at least you could have fooled me then, but then again, all the world is quite a blurr if you've just opened your eyes for the first time in your life.

But no matter what I tried, Monika picked me up... Monika in love

...then Gene and then things were settled, they wanted me! Gene in love

Even the trick of changing places with brother Charly did not work, they picked me and named me Cando.

Five weeks later I've taken over their house and garden!
Wouldn't you say I've got star quality?
Just compare my fur to Gene's and even my pose is better, isn't it?
But that's no wonder at all, my mother used to work as a model!

See for yourself:

I found her picture in a book. Her name is Visa von Ascona
The bloke next to her is not my father, he's just another model who happened to be at the shoot. (At least that's the story mum gave me).
I never really met my dad that's why I didn't take his name I guess.


Want to know more about my ancestors?
Here's my pedigree!

As you see, I've got to run. I hope to see you soon.