This is the public diary of

Cando von der Jonasburg

Too much work

With Monika having no more days off this year, not many days were that exciting. At my age, you know the routine. You walk your daily walks, sniff out the neighbourhood, sit where you're supposed to sit and walk when you're supposed to walk. Actually, commands are no longer needed in town. If anyone stops, I sit down. Life is easier that way!-

Since I love sand dunes more than anything in this world, Monika and Gene took me again to the Dutch seaside for a long weekend. This time we went to Westkapellen, but it wasn't as nice and interesting as previous stays in the north of the Netherlands.
Gene went off for another week of further education while I guarded the house and helped Monika in her job. With her collegues, I'm a.k.a. AKTENWOLF.
With the weather getting rougher, I again was regularly asked to wait in front of the door and have my paws and belly washed before entering the house. I hate that! Sometimes...
However, after showing some signs of dominance, I got a re-education programme, i.e. I was constantly asked to do the things I normally do with more vigour and more precision. And no more lying about in doorways. And no more leaving home first and re-entering first. Anything I took for granted -at least secretly- I now have to ask for again. It is permission here, permission there...

I tried to get out by showing more obedience than ever, but I never got the freedom back I once had. Nevertheless we had a great Christmas at home, wonderful walks through our forests as always and even the New Years celebrations were not as loud and frightening as they used to be. All in all another great year for me.