This is the public diary of

Cando von der Jonasburg

Y2K is here and so am I.

Here I am Congratulations to anyone and everyone who had thought he or she would not live long enough to see the New Millennium in. I can tell you: YOU'VE MADE IT.

So have I, I guess, though only barely. We had gone to Austria for the Christmas celebrations but returned home before New Years Eve to avoid the fireworks. Since I am known to get "a little" nervous when rockets go off or a thunder roles across the sky, Gene had bought some tranquilizer from the vet to calm me down. I should have taken about an inch of the paste but although Gene tried to trick me and put it into my favourite food, i.e. bread (well, actually my second favourite.)
Volle Länge

As a true German, my absolute favourites are boiled potatoes.) However, I found the paste at once and only licked a little of it. I hated the taste and refused to take any more. That was at six p.m. and my legs caved in the second I tried the stuff.

I slept through 'till a quarter to twelve. I got up and saw the new millennium in! No bangs - no fear. It was a very quiet evening in our village. Gene and Monika watched the Queen pretending a sing-along to Auld Lang Syne and then we all went to our beds.
The next morning the woods were still the same and so was Gene's computer.

On a more sour note I have to tell you that I cut my paw last Sunday. It's a bleeding wound of about half an inch. Gene makes me wear a neopren sock when walking in the park and streets and we haven't done any big walks this week. However, I know Gene and Monika mean well when dressing me up like this so I accept it without any problems.


Actually the first Sunday night was more exciting as they had put a bandage around my paw and then taped a plastic bag around it. You wouldn't believe the sound effects of that.


But in the woods I'm just another piece of butter in the sun.