This is the public diary of

Cando von der Jonasburg

No news is good news.

Well, in my case it's just that little bit different - as it always is. Flipping back the pages in my diary I see that I had a problem with food...

They don't come much more beautiful! Now, here is good news: I do eat voluntarily and regularly. Once Gene had really convinced Monika that nobody had ever heard of a dog starving to death in front of a bowl full of dog food, they had solved their problem with me, i.e. I started to eat voluntarily. Actually, I normally feel like having my dinner in the early hours of the evening when everyone settles down in the house. Then I do enjoy the odd nibble. Other occasions are Monika's goodies such as the extra potatoe or a drop of milk or just a couple of breed crumbs and, needless to say, when visiters come, I do take a quick bite, one never knows.

Maybe they don't like Gene's or Monika's food and resort to mine! All in all I can say I've got a pretty good figure now and come in at forty kilos straight on the dot.
Today people in the streets stop to say how beautiful I am, they enjoy seeing that I sit down whenever Monika or Gene stop walking. They find it hilarious that I am used to crawling under tables or seats in restaurants and only appear to sight when the waiter has cashed the bill. Furthermore I have given up on chasing after bikers or inline skaters, however, nobody dare come too close to my house or garden fence! I'll be there in less than 0.5 milli seconds, barking ferociously and showing about 152 teeth. Same reaction when the door bell goes off! Every time! It's like a Pavlovian reflex I'm afraid.
Another change in my life took place last summer when we went to Lake Brandstatt in Upper Austria. Some 25 years ago, Gene had met Monika there for the first time in his life, so when ever there is a chance, they return to that lake.

Last year, Monika and Gene went for a swim to the little island in the middle of the lake and needless to say, I swam along. The first stretch was quite nerve wrecking or should I admit to back wrecking. I mean I did not feel too secure in the middle of the lake and looked at Gene in desperation and suceeded in addressing his old life guard's heart. He stayed close to talk me along and I took every opportunity to scratch his breast or back or legs. Ever since I take every chance I get to go for a swim. Actually, deep down I must be a fish.

Anyway, I never made it to number two in our pack but I still love a bit of the old tug of war...